Useful Tips About Washing Machines

There are several types of washing machines available in the markets for consumers to choose from, but very often the shopper may not have a clear idea about the exact model or size that suits the requirements and also fits into the allocated budget. At the outset, budget depends on the individual capacity to spend on the appliance. When deciding about the size it is important to consider the space available in the room where it is to be installed. An important point is that the room should not be crowded. A well ventilated room with enough space for users to move about is a prime requirement.

In the case of washing machines, many consumers go for built-in models which are ideal for houses where there are space constraints. Installation of a built-in or custom made model is an expert’s job. Machine may be installed to match the ambiance of the kitchen or washroom where it is to be placed. It can be installed as a concealed unit also. In such cases breathing space will have to be provided to allow air circulation. Provisions for inlet and outlet of water are to be made. Invariably it is a front loading type that will be chosen for built-in models as a matter of convenience. In some places masonry work may be required to set the machine suitably. Even though it is a labor intensive job, built in washing machines are preferred as they look stylish.

There are consumers who choose only free standing machines. In a way it is easier to install and operate them. It is also easier to service, clean or repair whenever necessary. Further consumers can choose either a top loading or front loading type according to their needs or preferences. Apart from all the above permutations and combination’s involved in the choice of a washing machine, the consumer has to decide about the capacity of the machine. Capacity varies depending on the size and model of the machine. In many brands of washing machines the capacity also varies according to the RPM or the spin speed. For example a particular brand of the machine with 1200 RPM has the capacity to wash 6 Kg of clothes and another one with 1400RPM has 7 Kg capacity. Built-in models generally come with different spin speeds like 1200 or 1400 RPM. ifb washing machine 6.5 kg front load There is no rigid rule as to the capacity of the machine as it depends on the size of the drum as well as other specifications also. Compact machines which can be installed under the kitchen worktops are also available.

Modern machines are programmable. Control panels are featured with LED displays. Auto sensing facilities are also provided. Water levels, wash or rinse time, temperature of the water etc are monitored and regulated automatically. Features like delicate cycle for expensive clothes, special wool wash, anti bacterial cycle for beddings and blankets, quick wash for lightly soiled clothes and easy iron wash for dresses with creases are incorporated in modern washing machines.

There are special websites which are devoted exclusively for washing

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